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Sun protection and hydration

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The excessive sun irradiance is extremely dangerous and can cause serious damages to the skin. The consequences are sometimes visible immediately or sometimes only after years.
In this case, the skin doesn’t forget the trauma: its memory will thank for the irresponsible behaviour and will give dryness, irritation, precocious skin aging, pigmentation spots (or vitiligo) and wrinkles. 

The limit of tolerance of the skin resistance to the sun irradiance is depending from the quantity and quality of our melanin. More the skin is clear, less melanin contains and less it tolerates UV beams during time. 

Les Nouvels Arômes offers a product line with a specific quality: optimal protection thanks to its precious UVA and UVB solar filters, harmonious and durable tan in the deep layers of the skin thanks to efficient stimulants of natural melanin, that represents the physiologic sun protection. Applying our sun protection products, a person can notice immediately the absence of the phenomenon of the white film that is a typical sign for products containing nearly only mineral filters of low quality. 

All our sun protection products are conceived under the cosmetologic aspect to grant sufficient moisture and skin care. Nevertheless we recommend to use our Gel Minéral Doux after sun exposure by the way to eliminate rests of inflammation which can trigger destructives processes through free radicals.
It makes it evident that the beneficial actions of sun beams are not hindered, in fact only 10 minutes of sun exposure assure a higher quantity of vitamin D restocking than what is possibly by alimentary supplements.                 

All ingredients are tested and found hypo-allergenic. They contain vegetable functional materials; without paraben.

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