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Facial cleansing

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The cleansing milks and tonics of our lines satisfy perfectly the requirements of the skin and grand a good and mild cleansing. Particularly, milks are creams without surfactants and don’t alter and don’t dehydrate the epidermis. The hydro-lipidic natural protection layer is maintained in its right pH value by simple tamponing with one of our tonics. 

Only finely emulsified molecules are used to free the skin from dust, impurities and residues of sebaceous secretion and make-up. They don’t wash out the skin though they don’t irritate and don’t dry out. 

The right cleansing is very important because it represents the prerogative to prepare the skin for the successive products. Cleansing is the indispensable phase for success of a beauty treatment which permits a desired change on the epidemic surface. 

All ingredients are tested and found hypo-allergenic. They contain vegetable functional materials; without paraben.

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