Info Bath Essentials – Hygiene and wellbeing of the body

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Bath Essentials – Hygiene and wellbeing of the body

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Essentials oils for the shower to re-establish the harmonious body functions.

The Bath Essentials have been developed for a simple and easy daily use.
We agree in the opinion, that an aesthetic problem is not just bad luck and does not appear without reason, but always has cause and background: nervous dis-balance, weak connective tissue, poor lymphatic and blood circulation, problems with metabolism.

Similar to oriental medicine, where cause and action are in relationship with balance of energy harmony, we think that re-establishing the harmonious balance of the person and protecting against environmental and hereditary causes, give a good base for success in cosmetic treatment. 

Thanks to the incredible action of essential oils on our organism, we build up opportunity by the help of Bath Essentials to be successful in cosmetic treatment and give the key to make them last in time.
We speak about a complete treatment, because Bath Essentials come in touch with the whole body and it is possible to reveal their action either outside either inside of the body.
All this without any kind of undesired side effect.

That means, that the condition of the whole person is considered and not only a partial aspect or symptom.

All ingredients are tested and found hypo-allergenic. They contain vegetable functional materials; without paraben. 

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