Info Dermarômes Suprêmes – Functional skin treatments

Dry skin with thread veins needs moisture (Crème Eau Douce) and a re-enforcing capillary treatment; so add 1-2 drops of Dermarôme Suprême Blue Flower to Crème Eau Douce (in your hand, ready to apply on your face).

Another example is dry skin with a tendency to blackheads. Again Crème Eau Douce supplies the moisture plus 1-2 drops Dermarôme Suprême Green Flower which will regulate the sebaceous glands activity without drying out the skin. 

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Dermarômes Suprêmes – Functional skin treatments

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Liposoluble essential oils.

We dispose of synergies of liposoluble essential oils for local treatments of the face and body skin.
It permits to personalize all the other skin care products.
This is a case more unique than rare: with the precious help of eight different types of Dermarôme Suprêmes we can personalize day or night creams, masks, gels, fluids and other products following the need and belonging to what we want obtain.

Only the best natural essential oils are selected and authorized to prepare our synergies.
A first quality indication is characterized by the brown pharmaceutical glass container.
It protects the essential oils against light and evaporation. Only high quality oils are preserved this way.   

They are the backbone of our aromatherapy skin care preparations Les Nouvels Arômes.  

Dermarôme Suprêmes are colour coded to differentiate their effects for all the various skin types.
In fact, all creams and masks can be totally personalised which enables the treatment of many problems without any need of several different jars of creams. 

Last but not least it is very important to remember, that natural essential oils penetrate deeply through the skin and make their stimulation  and treat where it is truly necessary. 

See the video aside to discover how to use Dermarômes Suprêmes with one of our creams. 

Attention: We advise not to mix our Dermarôme Suprêmes with products from other manufactures; skin irritation and other undesirables side effects may happened.  

All ingredients are tested and found hypo-allergenic. They contain vegetable functional materials; without paraben. 

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