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Creams for the face treatment

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Face and décolleté care

Our skin is in constant contact with an aggressive environment. The air we breathe and our rhythm of life play a decisive role in the condition of our skin. 

Our skin produces a natural protective film from a mixture of sebaceous and sweat glands. This fully-moist film keeps the epidermis smooth and prevents the drying out of the deeper layers. Often, we find that the production of our sebaceous and sweat glands is not properly balanced and shows as a result either a very dry or a very greasy, even acne skin. 

The creams we use to moisturise and nourish our skin should in their composition be as close as possible to the natural skin sebum and moisture and production of the sweat glands (called the natural cream).

All Les Nouvels Arômes and Aromatic Creations products are elaborated and produced to the highest possible standard with that objective and can be personalized by adding one or two drops of a suitable Dermarôme Suprême.

All ingredients are tested and found hypo-allergenic. They contain vegetable functional materials; without paraben.

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