Responsibility and competence

Products based on the knowledge of the active materials coming from the nature’s garden and are of vegetable origin.

Philosophy - Mission and values

Mission and values

The basic idea is founded on the theory that individual beauty has its indelibly liaison with the well-being and the health of the person. It doesn’t happen by chance that a person has beauty problems like acne, couperose, dry and irritated skin or cellulite: at the origin of beauty problems there are always causes tided with imbalances of the harmonious functions of the organism. This reality inspired the design of our beauty lines.

San Silvestro products are very different in regard to usual cosmetic products, either from the concept either from the content.

Essential oils have the power to influence and harmonise the organism, especially if they work from inside out.
Our volatile essences evaporate in the air by the way to be inhaled. From the lungs, traces of essential oils will be assumed and carried into the big bloodstream. They will achieve and will disperse in the whole body and will implement their benefic action to harmonize our organism and psych.
They permit to influence positively the harmony of the person’s balance to create the prerogative that will permit to achieve successive durable treatment results.

San Silvestro’s method and products have known a big success although the factory’s dimension “to be little is beautiful”. We could so grant the high quality, regrettably limited to privileged persons.

During years, products were sold in Switzerland and exported in several European countries, into the United States of America and above all in east Asia. Asian people love essential oils, medical plants actives principles and know about the power of the energy balance. Probably for this reasons they advert and stay more sensible to the usefulness of the treatments with our method and, therefore, in our two professional lines of products.