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Stretch-marks and scars

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Stretch-marks, scars and pregnancy

Striae/Stretch-marks can appear without pregnancy.

During pregnancy the hormonal level varies that enlarge the breast’s volume which easily can cause stretch-marks.

Striae on the abdomen are caused by the growth of the fetus providing so big pressure on collagen and elastin structures until they brake letting red and large stretch-marks until to the basin.

The purpose of our treatment is to reinforce the concerned tissue by the way to avoid the formation of stretch-marks, that are nothing else than subcutaneous scars.

In Switzerland more than 40%* of young women are afflicted by striae without pregnancy.
Location of this type of stretch-marks are different: mostly affected are hips, derrière (bottom) and legs.

This phenomenon is due to hormonal disharmony during growth. 

During progress of our experience research and development we created two specific new products to prevent, attenuated and to treat stretch-marks.

By on-going experience, research and development in the company, two very specific new products have been created to attenuate, prevent and treat this conditions. 

*Data from Kinderspital Zurich.

All ingredients are tested and found hypo-allergenic. They contain vegetable functional materials; without paraben.

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