Info Elixirs and serums for face and décolleté

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Elixirs and serums for face and décolleté

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In the young and healthy skin the granular layer is supple. Aging, the skin layers thin down and the granular layer becomes harsh. The collagen molecules give the skin smoothness and resistance. When free radicals attack them they become rigid and loose vitality and flexibility making appear our skin aged.
Antioxidants like alpha lipoic acid (coenzyme that repair damaged collagen) contribute to heal micro-lesions reducing or vanishing the wrinkles.

The sole durable solution is to use products that acts directly where aging processes happen. That means in the deep and living layers of the derma. 

The two week cures with our serums will show considerable and durable relieve of the skin. A unique kit for effective skin rejuvenation for face and décolleté. It is possible to repeat the treatment several times per year according to the free radical exposition.

The key problem of the skin aging is based on the organism’s capacity to repair the cells or to replace them in time. All skin aging processes are always depending of more or less intense natural inflammation processes. 

All ingredients are tested and found hypo-allergenic. They contain vegetable functional materials; without paraben.

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