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Cellulitis and obesity

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Numbers of even slim women see their skin surface from their waistline downwards affected by “orange peel skin”. But we need to differentiate clearly between the aspect of male or female skin; the aspect of the structure of male adipose cells is displaced horizontal while female structure is displaced vertical. The aspect of the cutaneous surface changes effectively between the two sexes. 

This results even more evident when the skin is moved with the two hands. Then it shows the typical “orange peel” aspect, that is nothing else than the normal aspect of female skin.
Because of the natural predisposition for pregnancy, this vertical structure is normal and necessary. In addition, the hormonal  influence of estrogens makes the connective tissue softer and more elastic.

The real cellulite is distinguished by disharmony of body forms due to excessive filling of the fat cells with the consequence of lymph (water) retention which provokes a diminution of fat burning. Cellulite area generally is cold at the touch because of the lack in capillary blood circulation.

Great contribution to successful treatments must be paid to the synergies of essential oils Acquarômes which are proposed for the harmonisation of the overall body functions.

Below find two characteristics for the distinction of cellulite types:

• First type of cellulite produce an enlargement/bulge beginning at the upper tight (does not concern bottom!) and ends up above the knee. The skin is rose-marble colour; when a finger is pressed in, a white hole will remain for some second. As efficient Acquarômes use first the Brown Flower and Blue Flower (mixed together of half doses), than after two weeks the Rose Flower.

• Second type of cellulite starts as a bulge from the pelvic crest bone and concerns the basin and the bottom and ends in the higher half of tight but can progress on the inner tight side until to the knee. Recommended Acquarômes are Rose Flower and Grey Flower (mixed together of half doses).

• Though it is very important to verify in a mirror if we are in front of a true cellulite or a tissue slugging/flabbiness. In the case of slugging, the treatment with Jalisse and Crème Bodytone - see category Silhouette - is much more efficient than cellulite products because the attractive form giving fat cells are not emptied.

Les Nouvels Arômes products for local cellulite treatment are based on effect full plant extracts which focus to rise fat cell burning and not only work on diuretic effects. Products can be personalized with essential oils Dermarômes Suprêmes Rose Flower and Brown Flower which help to penetrate active substances until to the living skin layer and mobilize fat cells and lymph system permitting so a real change.

All ingredients are tested and found hypo-allergenic. They contain vegetable functional materials; without paraben.

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