Info Acquarômes - Harmony and balance of the organism

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Acquarômes - Harmony and balance of the organism

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Essential oils for the bath to re-establish the harmonious body functions.

In ancient times a visit was paid to the thermal bathes or hot springs to maintain and restore the harmony of our body's functions.
Water always had great importance for the well-being and for beauty treatments on the skin. 

Aesthetic problems have their origin in the body's physiology and it is no accident that they become visible as wrinkles, spots, irritations in certain areas or much more.

Acquarômes are synergies of essential oils for the bath to maintain the harmonious balance of the whole organism which is the prerequisite to maintain a pleasant body shape and the skin in beauty an health. Acquarômes enable to help the organism to re-find the harmony. Our motto is to re-establish the harmonious balance of the body’s functions. 

The water soluble essential oils have the power to influence and balance the organism, especially if they act from inside. That’s the case of Acquarôme that, during the bath, evaporate in the air and  consequently are inhaled. 

Through the lungs, the respiration organ tightly responsible for live thanks to oxygen, traces of the essential oils are absorbed and distributed inside the great blood circulation. 

They spread and reach the whole body and implement immediately the benefit for long lasting harmonisation. 

All ingredients are tested and found hypo-allergenic. They contain vegetable functional materials; without paraben.

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