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Plants are the basis of traditional medicine system throughout the world for thousands of years and continue to provide mankind with new remedies.

Philosophy - Our history

Our history

The firm’s history is strongly connected to the director’s story since 1977.
Harald Thiel, originally from south west Germany, came to southern Switzerland Alps falling in love with this area and also with a young woman. Harald knew about the aromatherapy world in 1978.

This knowledge were so inspiring that he did of it the sense of his life starting the activity of San Silvestro and building his own product line flanked with detailed descriptions of treatments’ method. In the whole development activity, design of the lines and mostly in the administration, his wife afforded a big help and though permitted a strong development.

Products and methods were introduced in every Swiss’ language area successfully. Many seminars were organized to teach the treatments’ method.

The challenge in research, development and production of functional and natural products continue.
Harald’s passion didn’t disappear during time and the research of the most innovative functional systems is constantly in evolution embracing the leitmotiv of principle to work and act “under the skin”, to bring a truly, sensible and visible benefit to the users.

The mission to contribute to the well-being and though to people’s health still persists in time.

To produce naturals products it is necessary to know how to treat complex and difficult systems; less stable compared to other cosmetics that are composed of  synthetic raw materials or based on mineral oils; maybe it is exactly this the factor that has kept alive the passion to resolve difficult problems.

We acknowledges the kind and very precious collaborations of Professors Dr. Paolo Rovesti and Dr. Gianni Proserpio, of Mister Carlo Cazzaniga, of Doctor Jacques Moron and of the chemist Dr. Alessandro Teruggi.