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Eye contour and lip care

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The eye and lip make-up is current from the ancient Egyptian time. Eyes and lips are the mirror of the soul and also a fascinating part of every person.

Be not content with momentarily effects but favours durable solutions inside the structure of your skin. In this area, the skin is thinner and more fragile respect of the rest of the face. Here the biologic age is perceived first.

The eye contours suffer precocious aging due to continuous movements of the eyes that brings to the deterioration and further thinning or thickening of the skin. The area is also particularly subject of nervous tension. For this reasons the eye contours merit more attention and more treatment. 
Our creams and gels are excellent basis for the eye make-up after only two minutes of application.

Their effects can be amplified by the use of our specific serums in ampulla.  

All ingredients are tested and found hypo-allergenic. They contain vegetable functional materials; without paraben.

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