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    Aromatic Creations

    To the professional line Les Nouvels Arômes has been flanked in 2003 the high-tech Aromatic Creations line.
    This second brand, counts on the specific anti-aging or well-aging action and use lots of  the most expensive and valued peptides at disposition for skin care. Above the preservation of products, the whole line correspond to the most exigent criteria of nature. 

    It is a treatment line for face, body, mind and soul that refers to the long lasting experience made with the professional cosmetics from Les Nouvels Arômes. That means that method and products are based on the knowledge about active materials coming from the natures garden and are of vegetable origin.

    During research for raw materials, we discovered interesting secrets: for example beta-glucan and sclero-glucan are natural sugars with a jellifying action but have also therapeutic anti-cell proliferation functionality.

    We use essential oils, modern pharmaceutically - scientifically verified substances and natural dry plant extracts; very well known medicinal herbs but with a granted, standardized content of actives. Our emulsions transport the actives in a respective way and extremely mild deep into the epidermis.
    Thanks to essential oils that are contained in the exclusive formula, deep penetration of the products in the skin is easily possible.